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Friday, June 20, 2008

Speech over the Internet

I am quite sure its not new news that when you send messages over the Internet that the recipient can't read your face or detect your tone.

If it is you may want to send a sorry message to Mary right now telling her that when you said your stupid, you really meant your stupid lol.

It gets annoying after a while but it seems that adding lol, is a good way to make people know your saying that in a joking or sarcastic way and that no meaning was attached to the words you said.

BTW lol means Laugh Out Loud, it basically means to have fun about or make a joke out of , kind of like just laughing after saying a joke, to ease up people and stop them from thinking about the joke in a serious way.

Now I want a laugh so post your messages that sounded funny or was taken the wrong way because of the nature of saying things over the Internet.

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