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Monday, June 23, 2008

Remove all hyperlinks (MS Word)

How do i remove lots of hyperlinks in one go?
How do i batch remove hyperlinks?
Deleting hyperlinks in one go
How do i get rid of all the hyperlinks?

I am guessing your copy and pasting? maybe, anyway sometimes its annoying getting a heap of hyperlinks in your Word documents, even if you going to print them and not use them digitally because there is the blue lines which is a waste of ink.

For whatever reason getting rid of hyperlinks is a common job, right-clicking each line or word (when there is a space sometimes the hyperlinks are separated and requires you to apply no-hyperlinks to each word separated by a space) is a stupid task to do individually.

To get rid of all hyperlinks in one go:

For Copy and Paste from websites or other source

  • Copy text from website
  • Go into Word
  • Edit > Paste Special > Unformatted Text

For text already in Word document

  • Select all the text that you want un-hyperlinked
  • Copy it
  • Delete it
  • Edit > Paste Special > Unformatted Text back into Word

Non-Copy and Paste easy way

  • Select all hyperlinked text
  • Right-click
  • Remove all hyperlinks

Longer "don't know why you would use this" way

  • Select all hyperlinked text
  • Insert > Hyperlink > [Remove Link]

Hmmmm, removing hyperlinks doesn't seem too hard when writing this post. Was it harder in Word 2000? don't know just seems to be very nicely designed in Word 2003.

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