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Friday, June 20, 2008

Tricky Yahoo! ?

I usually only use Yahoo! for my e-mails. With the new interface in Yahoo! you can select tabs to go to places such as E-mail.

When I put my mouse over e-mails it expands to show this:

I usually sign in and check and then read that 1 or none e-mail and sign out. But this time i actually realised that i always sign in to check because of this image saying i have 9 emails or at least implying that. It always shows 9, sure it can be just an example but do you think its tricky business to get you to sign in so they have an extra hit for their advertisers? if we multiply by many people that's a lot of advertising revenue. Or do you think its a good idea because it makes you think you got e-mail and forces you to check just in case you do have e-mails?

I am never signed in already so that preview function is useless to me. Maybe it could be useful if it shows the right amount of new e-mails but that wold require me to allow anyone who can touch my comuters to read my e-mails....

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