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Friday, June 20, 2008

Best Investment: Cleaning LCDs and laptops

How do i get rid of finger prints on my laptop?
How do i get rid of finger prints on my laptop lcd?
How do i get rid of finger prints on my lcd screen?
What do i use to clean lcd screens?

Is that the type of questions you want answers to?

The answer is simple get a microfibre cloth, buying this cloth is probably the best investment ever! You can usually get them in the cleaning section of shops, they may be in the mirror or car cleaning products section as these are other uses for microfibre cloths. These cloths have micro-fibre so they pick up everything and leave no scratched or cloth marks, hence being used for mirrors and cars for shine and clarity.

Just get a microfibre cloth and wipe gently to remove any fingerprints on shiny metallic paint looking surfaces on laptop fronts or even external hard drive cases. Recent fingerprints and even oily finger prints can be taken off lcd screens with microfibre cloths. For older prints, i wet the dirty part of the lcd screen with a damp tissue (barely damp) and then dry off with a soft tissue and than use microfibre cloth to clean up the remaining water. Remember unlike CRT (fat sized screens) screens water is really bad for lcds (so they say) so use my method at your own risk! I don't take any responsibility for what happens, different lcd brands/models may give varied affects.

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