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Friday, June 20, 2008

Network Idea 3 computers, 1 wired modem

I am planning on buying a wireless router so i can use the Internet on my laptop and desktop (which are located outside of my room, where the main desktop is and therefore the broadband modem) Its fairly cheap these days if you don't need a wireless router that allows your laptop to connect to the Internet at home from school or the shops (lol, i.e. you only need a short range router)

My tip is before you get broadband think about asking for a wireless modem. Some broadband companies give free modems (on contract plans) and ask if you want a wired or wireless. My mistake was asking for a wired cause now i have to spend money on a wireless router to route the wired modem. Usually wireless modems, (unless your ISP is a strategic money making stingy one), will provide you with a wireless router that has wireless and one ethernet which will solve all my problems (ethernet for room desktop and wireless for latop)

Wired routers, at least my one has a usb and a ethernet so if you have two computer close range you may consider that.

Remeber to ask for the details on the modems because as i said not all ISPs will give you the same modem. Some wireless modmes may really only be designed for one laptop and have no ethernet etc.

My problem is that the desktop out of my room is a really old one and i am not sure if i can install a wireless card or if it worth it. An idea i had was,

Main desktop ~~~ laptop -------- Older desktop.

~~~ wireless connection
------ ethernet

Of course this setout is't perferct and especially if i can get a router for less than $100. It would also mean my laptop would have to be near the old desktop for both to go on the internet. But I thought I'd post my idea anyways incase if there is a scenaino for someone to use to this. BTW the ethernet connection would be with laptop ethernet to old desktop pci ethernet, the internet would come to old computer via wireless to the laptop.

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