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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Metaphor in technology

Have you realised that technology uses a lot of metaphors? My lecturer brought that to my attention. Like the use of OS, to make it simple and familiar for paper-based users to switch to computers they use an office as the metaphor in OSs.

You have our desktop to place files and folders, a rubbish bin to place unwanted documents. Software and application names do that too, for example a software that deleted and overwrites your files on your computer so no one can recover it is called shredder, which is like what real shredders do.

And now I am starting to notice that we have advanced in technology and can't think of any real obvious metaphors. You? comment back if you have discovered one. I am so tech. immersed that its everyday normal to me and I can't think of any analogue to digital metaphors used in tech..

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