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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Why I think Generation Y is more Internet than TV

The nature of the Internet lets individuals request information, This allows people to choose what they want to watch on a computer (TV only allows you to add captions that's about as dynamic as it gets, although I predict TV will have DVD features soon like audio, angles, 5.1, chapter selection?) but a TV station will only broadcast certain shows they have rights for and only show them if enough people or advertisers want them to. Your also restricted to a number of channels on free-to-air TV.
The Internet allows you to watch videos that suit your specific interest. For example I am able to watch interesting documentaries on technology or Anime etc. when and where I want, shows that TV won't even consider showing unless there is demand and a large viewer range.
This is most likely a reason why YouTube is so famous too, If your not into the top40 countdown on TV you could always watch classical music concerts on YouTube or paining tips and tricks etc. all these may seem boring to you but that's why the Internet is so great, it gives an economical way for people with similar interests (even if its a rare one) to watch and share programs and shows of interest.

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