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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Creating your own power plan (Vista)

How do you create a new power plan in Vista? and Why?
Sometimes you want to use Power Saver or High Performance mode but want to have some adjustments to them in less common cases.

Like for me, I want all Power Saver/High Performance/Balanced modes to turn off the screen on battery/plugged in after about 5-10 mins cause that's how I liked it on the desktop.

My problem is when I am watching a movie or whatever the screen turns off automatically, which is annoying to move the mouse every 10 minutes. But I also don't want the screen on all the time when I am defraging the laptop or left it.

Here is How

Right-click on the power icon in the system tray > Power Options

In the left menu click "Create a power plan" > Give it a name > Choose what plan you want to edit > Make further edits if you want like never turn off the screen etc.

Now everytime you want that power plan just left-click the power icon and change it like you usually do with changing to power saver plan etc.

If you don't have a power icon on your system bar:

Right-Click bottom bar > Properties > Notification Area > Check Power

If you don't have a power icon on your system bar and DON'T want it:

Start > Control Panel > Power Options

I hope I've been detailed enough, questions always welcomed


  1. hi,
    how to make more than 3 power plans after left-click on power-icon on system tray?

  2. I am not sure if you can display more than 3 different power plans from the system tray without using a hack tool to adjust that in Vista but I am sure if you use the plan and then change it you can adjust what the 3 listed power plans in the system tray will be.

    You can also look for freeware out there that might be able to let you do this.

    If you want you can make a shortcut to power options too! go to

    Start > Control Panel > (right-click power options and then click create shortcut) You can place this shortcut somewhere useful to you and access all your power plans with one quick shortcut icon.