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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Laptops as a desktop replacement and ergonomics of it

Yet another issue of issues of my life as an IT student.

As many would know the first thing primary school kids get when its back to school time is pens and pencils, and most would agree the first thing that comes to mind for Uni students is a notebook or netbook.

This is great especially for us in IT, having all of our files, settings and wallpaper customisations exactly the same as when we left it rather than having to get friendly and use to a foreign computer owned by the Uni.

Its all good until you come home and use the laptop for hours on end like you use to with a desktop, ergonomics - the killing disease of It pros. For those who have not heard or know of what ergonomics is, I suggest you do a quick Google job, it will provide more detail than I can provide with my personal whining of sore neck, funny arms and dry eyes.

So we now know what the problem is, bad heightened tables and bad position of screen and keyboard.

I'll be post back real soon my my attempts of saving myself from ergonomic damage without using pills or needles :o and more suggestions as well as tips and hints given by IT pros to office workers.

I am thinking of using my new cooling pad to elevate the laptop and hence LCD screen, Thanks to my friends at Targus!!
And then using my existing keyboard and mouse of my desktop. So place the laptop in front of my desktop LCD and disconnect the mouse and keyboards when switching between the two computers. This way I not only get a higher positioned screen, I also get the typical keyboard pull out tray on typical computer desks which means the laptop effectively becomes a desktop with a massive speaker system and large tower.
I was going to use cable clips to lock and release the mouse and keyboard cables (As I am not a fan of wireless M & KB battery consumption else it would be as simple as changing the USB receiver from desktop to laptop (and vice versa), as simple as plugging a USB thumb drive into another computer!!!!

I will need a USB mouse and KB, I have the mouse but not KB I have a PS2 KB so I'll either have to get a (PS2 to USB) plug or get a new KB. Using a hub I should be able to easily plug and unplug the mouse and KB wihtout having to fiddle with back of desktop tower or block up the USB ports on the front which are typically used for USB thumb drives.

Current success: Project Has Not Begun.

* Desktops can be easily cleaned
* Laptops can be an bleep to clean especially if it doesn't have an access panel

More Info on Ergonomics:



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