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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Changing AdSense Primary Email address

This is a common question but surprisingly there is no simple answer. So here is my attempt after checking the Adsense help forum and trying answers from 3 different posts I finally figured out how to do it myself.

1. Login to Adsense account

2. "My Account" Tab > Next to Login Information click "[edit in Google Accounts]"

3. Now in new pop up window > Under Personal Settings and next to Security click "Change email" ***

4. You should now know what to do but just in case.... type in your new e-mail address you want to make primary, enter current password and then go to the new email account and confirm the change through a email you will get sent to you from adsense.

5. Done! hopefully*

*** Most people automatically make the mistake of assuming that they should use the "Edit" link next to Email addresses instead.

* May or may not work depending on how your gmail, Google and adsense account is set up and linked.


  1. Thankyou,

    I was searching on this issue for long. You solved my problem...

    Really Thanks...


  2. Thanks for the post but this is no longer an option. Wish Google would bring it back.