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Friday, January 16, 2009

99% reduced SPAM for your website

Like the GecSoft portal website, a contact method is really nice and necessary.
But your current e-mail address is excellent with SPAM control and amount of SPAM received and you really don't want to post your primary e-mail on your website and you really can not be bothered to open a new account that you know you won't check regularly.

Well one solution can be to do what I have done and post a blog post called contact me. Click that post to view in a single view and then use that page link as your contact link. Now when people want to contact you they can use the blog comments system to send you a message.
Of course you would need a blog first. Also don't forget to ask Anonymous contacts to add a reply e-mail address if required.

Any other suggestions are welcomed.

You can always use things like "me AT hotmail DOT COM" to make autobots searching for e-mails to SPAM skip you as this is not a valid format for an e-mail address but this makes it harder for standard users to contact you and understand what your doing. Its also useless against human collected e-mail spamers.

I highly doubt that sending an e-mail addressed to (me AT hotmail DOT COM) will get it sent to (me@hotmail.com) p.s. that was an example e-mail it is not a real e-mail.

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