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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Your Privacy on Google

I just tested a few keywords to see if my GecSoft web pages would be on the top 10 results list on Google. To my surprise I found some things on myself. You always hear people say Google yourself you'll be amazed at how things you'll find out about yourself from faceboook page to charity work contributions.

Well I found myself on many pages and they range from my favourite websites to forums I've joined and the questions I've asked on there.

But searching for my name itself doesn't return this result. Mainly because I use Alias when joining services.

Here is a way to check for your privacy loop holes. Google in what you usually use to join websites. Usually a nick name like MSN addresses. Pokemon-fan102 or whatever username you generally choose for signing up for things.

If your one of those people who said what the heck is an alias? Then you may have signed up using your real name. John_Smith123 or something like that. If that's the case I highly recommend that you start from now on using a nickname to join services. I am mainly talking about the username part, the First name and Last name on trusted sites generally will be impossible to find on Google. But using your real name as the USERNAME field of sign up forms will make it easier to find you on Google. In fact some people don't even make it that easy to find their facebook or myspace on Google, by using things like backwards letters and symbols. E.g. P@tr!clc (Patrick)

So just keep that in mind next time you sign up. Unless you wanted someone to find you of course. Generally its not such a problem, but for me, running a website and all my name and alias is more easily found (by design) but as a result my forum discussions etc. are also visible on Google if you know what your doing and what to query, which would be ........ ;)

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