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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hardware temperature monitors (freeware)

I want to monitor my Hard drives, CPU, graphics card temperature, for free!

My friend showed me a really nice app that does just all that. It shows me my:

* 2 CPUs
* Graphics Card
* 2 Hard drives

Its a very basic app but that's why its good simple and easy to use, shows you 2 figure number next to a hardware name! that's all you want!

I would though like to get one with a bit more fancy interface just for show and tell but if your looking at the temp for the health of your computer then this is all you need

Its called CPUID Hardware Monitor

- Just checking for a link on google, apparently I have the old version, The new version of CPUID HM is now super cooler and better. Its got fan and voltage stats too, which is not really needed by a general user which is slightly different to what i said above. But my simpler version was V1.0.5.8

One improvement though is that all the stats are opened when you start. The simpler version you had to view each hardware on separate tabs.

Another is max and min temp records. So you know how well your current cooling is in comparison to past.

More Info

I think you may have noticed that recently I've been adoring my Toshiba laptop a bit. So if your a laptop user concerned about heat.

I just tried to lift up the laptop on a wedge using a CD case (thin ones) and I got a drop in temp of 3 degrees. If I put it on powersaver i can loss off about 7 degrees C. Try hard surfaces instead of fabricated.

If your a desktop user the big roomy tower box should give you enough air and cooling area to not need to use your computer in power saver or life it up or anything as fans are at the rear. Unless of course your a OC-user in which case you will already have a temp monitor.

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