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Sunday, January 25, 2009

NHC (Notebook Hardware Control)

This is in relation to the event of Undervolting and Throttling

Current success:

  • Yet another Fail

Reasons for (fail):
  • The GUI is much more nicer and basic then the RM Clock application. Haven't got Dynamic switching working yet but no crashes so far. Might not be good for those advanced users who want to over control every single aspect ;)
  • Haven't been able to get undervolting to work either, maybe its only for full registered users. Also didn't have suggested volts and multipliers installed by default so have no idea what to use without blowing up X|.

Reasons against (Fail):
  • I get an error message saying "Error on changing the CPU speed" when trying to change anything. I can only manually set the CPU modulation which didn't reduce heat or save batteries.
  • It made my computer slow, permanently even if NHC was turned off, after a bit of analysis and crying over my now 1.4Ghz laptop which is slower than my previous single core desktop and having 1998 HDD response rates, I went to check the BIOS and yep the software turned off dynamic switching and left my laptops CPU stuck on a low CPU frequency. So if you've noticed your computer being super slow then do that!

FINAL CONCLUSION (for the 20009 at least):

If you have a Toshiba laptop like mine and its loaded with enough power to blow up your house, then I guess don't try to limit its speed with throttlers you'll regret it, it will feel like the 1990's and it for me anyway, didn't save power or make the laptop cooler.

My solution:

1. Elevate laptop with a CD jewl case (not needed if you follow 3 or 4)

2. Get a deskfan from Target or somewhere for about $8, aim fan at air vents (not really needed if you follow 3)

3. Get a high profile laptop cooling pad (not sure it is works as well if you follow 4)

4. Buy a 8 Cell battery spare or replacement battery which will elevate the latop and add battery power and cooling effect! you can even save on the 20 cent CD case ;) (not needed if you just find a wall plug in, lol)

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