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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Help me find that picture i googled

Do you ever want to seek help on the Internet or forum, Something stupid because your that desperate to find the site where you got an image from, whether its for referencing reasons or simply it was an excellent site?

The the problem for you really is you can't remember what the sites name was, you can't remember the URL and you've renamed DSC123.jpeg into CoolPictureOfMonkey.jpeg

Well, i am not really sure how to help you but my Tip for today would be to leave the file name as it is cause if you ever need to find it again you can image google it again and your chances of finding the source site are greater. If it was named something like Picture1.jpeg then your stuffed really unless your willing to go though a heck heap of image result pages.

Try and remember what the site is called when you get pictures it usually works better than trying to remember the URL. Which this tip might be useful for you soon as Uni.cc seems to be having problems. You may have to soon google "Gec Living" or "GecSoft Australia" to find the site. As our forwarding domain may be no more :|

But if you still visit even without the convenience of a domain forwarder and bothered to google the sites header address, I'll be extra nice to you ;)

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