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Monday, February 9, 2009

Toshiba Model Number Crisis (A300-R01)

Just want to share a funny thing that happened over all the major computer retailers last weekend.

They all managed to get a picture of the latest model but name it as one of the older model.

I was even told by one of the major firms that this is a genuine mistake, the picture depicts an even older model than the one for sale and that they reject my claim of false advertising. But being a Toshiba fan and IT student, I know he was lying to my face. the picture is of the newest models ranging to $2500.

To save the company face, I have attached a cropped image of the advertisement. As almost all major stores have done this I would assume its a fault with Toshiba's marketing and not with the retailers themselves.

But check this out, The yellow picture is the company the sales rep said that it is a genuine mistake as the picture is of an older model and that its not false advertising as the model for sale is newer then the one depicted. But what's this????? Check out the "New Model" under it!!

Was quite disappointing as the real one for sale looked like this (not exactly but similar style, weird thing is I can't even find a pic of the one they tried to sell me. The picture below is more sexy and shiny):


  1. OMG! really? thank you so much for posting this. I almost bought it! thank you!

  2. You mean by buying it online?

    I have also noticed that and asked the site to confirm the picture.