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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Continue using Windows 98 computers

I am just re-formatting my IBM Aptiva P3 700Mhz computer with Windows 98se.

It has gotten to the point where it is 3 generations behind for me hence more then 3 times slower than I now usual speed reaction.

So what can you still do? People usually recommend Linux or a light weight one anyways but I've had a look into it and it seems quite slower than Windows 98 not to mention a lot of your very old tech will not EVER get drivers or what not written for them to work.

What I am proposing:

* Windows 98se OS

* Firefox


* Defrag app for windows 98

* Maybe Spybot search and destroy

* Hardware Firewall via Ethernet

Hopefully this minimalist set up will make it a fast Internet terminal for the family.

BUT then these rules should be laid out:

* No personal data or personal websites are to be visited, only wiki etc. nothing where a username and password is required should be visited.

* No USB connecting to the computer unless the USB is thoroughly scanned for viruses on some other computer (pref. not a good one?)

But if your still keen on security and feel more comfortable there is a link here that talks about some solutions.

But Microsoft has cut off all support so I think if people want to hack your Windows98 they will eventually find a hole and get you no matter how good of anti-virus your using and as you get more updated anti-virus your computer will be more slow. The slower though the slower the virus can spread? but too slow to use? your choice....

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