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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Installing Drivers off product disc

This is probably the most major tip I can give for newbie users trying to install hardware manually. Usually if you buy generics you will get a CD full of cr*p and sometimes even drivers from other products from the same company, to save money they've just produced the same CD for all products.

Older computer, OS and hardware may needed to be manually installed, no auto run CD wizard with nice graphics. Usually you have to go to Add New Hardware from control panel and let the computer find the new hardware and then ask you if you want to use the Internet, Floppy disc, Windows/Cab folder or specific location.

Many times you will point it to the CD or floppy the drivers are on but sometimes or most for me it won't find it as the drivers are rarely in that directory.

Usually it is in this format: D:/GenericsRus/Drivers/Windows/Winxp

Or something like that, the trick is to point it to the folder that has the .INF file or whatever instead of simple D:/ the directory of the CD but the folder in which the driver is in.

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