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Friday, April 3, 2009

HP Printer Drivers for Windows Vista

HP Deskjet 33200 won't work in Vista or are missing drivers:

The guide on to how to install drivers for HP printers that worked on XP are here:

HP Guide to Vista Drivers

I've had this problem for a while now but hopefully like me you will also be able to use your HP in Vista, which is a good thing because it means HPs are built to last either that or you only print in a blue moon....

Covers printers and alternative Vista-included Drivers (yes the alternative drivers are in Vista already =D):

Deskjet 3320, 3325, 3420, and 3520 Deskjet 3600
Photosmart 7600 series Deskjet 5600
Deskjet 5850 Deskjet 5600
Photosmart 130 and 230 Photosmart 330
Photosmart 145 and 245 Photosmart 330
Photosmart 7350 and 7550 Deskjet 5550
Deskjet 6122 and 6127 Deskjet 990c
Deskjet 3816 and 3820 Deskjet 970cse
Deskjet 656 Deskjet 660c

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