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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Stretching HDMI output on HDTV

I've had this problem before and sure hope I documented it for my Toshiba Satellite A200.

My sister's laptop, A Toshiba A300 had the same issue as me except that she has an Intel graphics card. To solved her problem:

  1. Right-click desktop > Personalise > display settings
  2. Intel special tab of options.
  3. change screen resolution on notebook from whatever it is to a lower resolution say x 720
If I didn't post a post on my model its:

  1. Right-click desktop> Ati Catalyst > Display Manager
  2. Change resolution to a x 720 resolution

My theory is that due to our laptops being a 720P HDMI output laptop, it can not output 1080P resolution as the graphics can't produce that (you'll need one that can, so far I've only seen the Sony Vaio as a laptop with 1080P HDMI and laptop LCD screen resolution)

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