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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Turn off lcd screen with one click / keyboard shortcut

How To Manually Turn Off Notebook or Laptop LCD Screen
How to turn off lcd screen with one click

How to turn off lcd screen with keyboard short cut

I've been googling for a click or one keyboard shortcut solution for turning off my lcd screen on my lapyop manually without using the power settings cause its only someitmes that i need to turn off the lcd after 1 minutes of idle but it gets annoying if it does that all daya every day.

I downloaded a software called Orandy OneClick but it ended up being a freeware that placed an icon in the system tray and requires a right-click on the icon and then left click on monitor and then a left click on turn off screen. This was quite annoying and didn't allow me to apply any keyboard short cuts but was better than nothing.

A good freeware that i found was simple and did what it was suppose to, and that is turn off the lcd screen, I really couldn't see why other alternatives had shut down and hibernate functions when all i wanted was a turn off lcd. Is Redmond Pie's Turn off LCD screen, downloadable here and belongs to here.

Its basically a icon you click and then it opens a command prompt like window for half and second and then turns off your screen, when you move the mouse or keyboard it will tun back on and the window will be gone, you basically have no interface for the software (unlike other software) so you pretty much have yourself a virtual off button that functions like a real button on lcd screens.

BTW I haven't managed to make it wok yet, but if you place a shortcut to the .exe file on the desktop and right click it and click properties and then add a keyboard shortcut it will work but the screen will only turn off for a few secs and then turn back on but I am working on it.


  1. mine only turns off for a few seconds then turns back on... any way to solve this?

  2. Hi, are you using a windows hot key/shortcut (assigned by you)?

    It will interrupt the program if so.