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Monday, August 11, 2008

Vista on my desktop

Just got a spankin copy of Windows Vista Business =D I've been avoiding installing it on my desktop:

AMD Athlon 3500+ (2.25Ghz)
1.2GB of ddr400 Ram
200Gb of HDD space
128 MB nVidia GeForce 6600gt+

Due to the forecast of knowing thign s just won't work. But due to a glitch I've been having with y grpahics card in Windows XP i decided to give it ago to see what happens, on another partition of course to avoid harsh recovery methods.

Heres what i found:


  • Windows Vista has seemed to be able to help me skip finding my 10 or odd CDs for drivers, which I have to do in XP
  • Windows Vista's driver for ym graphics card has made my display nicer and clearer and best of all prevented my graphics glitch of freezing up when scrolling too fast or switching windows too often
  • The Internet seemed to work straight away, no set up, no account setting, This may have been due to my router having all the settings? Not sure and hoping to not have to re-install XP to find out
  • The computer seems to perform faster, what the heck? Vista is suspoe to not work and be slower, but... I am confussed
  • Most of my old software seems to work ok, feeew
  • Installing MS software seems to take forever but other software seems to zip right through, maybe its visualisations of the transfer / progress bars but it makes me feel like the hard drives are faster and performing better but this could also be due to comparison of a fresh Vista and year old XP install.

  • Creative Sound Augity sound card is fully dead on this OS
  • Yet to test printer and scanner
  • UAC is delayed for longer than other Vista computers
  • Screen blacks out during log ins and log outs (not sure if its an effect or problem due to the controlling of the graphics' card)
  • Software installs are taking longer after installing other software to the OS
  • Can't get a Vista experience rating

  • If I can't get the sound to wrok at least this partition will be a high performing PC in terms of graphics card reliability and will be suffice to work for school and office.
  • I could get a new sound card but me being a greenie and all, I don't think i shall waste this card yet.
  • I can always use the onboard motherboard sound if needed, but it will mean no 5.1 sounds

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