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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Moving Firefox and Thunderbird profile

I just moved the profiles of the two software to my swap file disk. I had once detected that it had contributed to fragmentation, it may have been a once off, an edit of bookmarks or whatever but i have moved it now anyway.

To move profile to a new location you have to open the profile manager (firefox -P) and then created a new profile, open up the default profile, copy and paste over the new profile in new location and then delete default profile if you don't want it no more. Same procedure with Thunderbird except replace firefox with Thunderbird.
With Thunderbird i moved the folder to my data drive so it gets included into back ups as i don't usually save all my e-mails that i want to keep, doing what i have done will save all the e-mails without you working, just the back up software. With Firefox i choose to keep it in the swap file disk as I think more things change (therefore fragmentation) and also cause i use Backupfox.exe to back up my Firefox without cache which i don't usually need a back up of.

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