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Friday, November 16, 2007

New face for E-mail

Has anyone noticed that Yahooo! Mail and Hotmail has a new interface?
It might just be intertia or what not but i still prefer the old face of E-mail.

They usually give you a choice to choose new look or classic look but i reckon that that is only a way to test the acceptance of the new look and they will remove the classic option when most people don't use it after a while.

This is their new marketing tactic to pull new users and keep old users from moving to other E-mail services but you've got to decide for yourself, is the new look balanced with practical use?

So far i have found it better in Yahoo Mail as the interface is based on Outlook style where you don't have to wait and load each message one after another.

Hotmail to me is just the same practical use as there isn't any areas where real improvements have been made and I am still like in the past getting a lot of promotional e-mail from Hotmail.
Really it is just a new pretty face.

Now Gmail has the most simplistic interface.

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