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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Is my computer short or hight performance based

Recently this year I have tried to put my computer in the most healthy condition as possible and put it back into shape.

To do so I do internal dust cleaning, fan and heatsink cleaning using a large soft paintbrush and a vacuum cleaner. I also try to keep my desk as clean as possible and remove dust around it.

After I have physically cleansed the computer i have to move on to spiritual cleaning, not technically i really mean software as it is intangible.
I do a defrag on my hard drives using Auslogic
Do a registry repair and untangle with Regpair

and to keep my computer's ethics clean i do a Avast AV scan, Spyboy S&D scan, Ad-aware scan and finally and occasionally a Noadware3 scan. A firewall shouldn't be a cleaning process it should be on when ever electricity is running through your computer (excludes power off state) fine, when every your screen has the ability to display some sort of picture (hence cancelling out power off).

Check back often and i will do reviews on the software i have just mentioned above and i will also tell you where you can download them safely and free.

Recently i have planned to upgrade the memory and now with school out of the way, i really want to put some more muscle into the computer.
Maybe it is my computer craving for me RAM as it knows i am planning to put more in or maybe it is being runned down, my theory is that maybe i have set the swap files on partitions and is causing some sort of a hard drive slow down, occasionally i get a high CPU usage reading when loading something big and when the spike hits max i get a stutter of mind blank from my computer, I am not crossing the possibility of viruses (by the way you should really read my up coming review on Avast, you might be surprised)

Like anything though i can't really expect my computer to run like when it was brand new at least not after 2 years of servicing me, just like cars you can't really expect it to be as good as it was when it was brand new.

As schools out i have been playing games again and have noticed games under perform even on my AMD 64??? my IBM (P3 600mhz) didn't even do that bad but i am comparing different games. So i think i will get some more RAM and see how it goes, trouble is, it is almost Christmas so i hope they still have stocks.

I could probably reinstall Windows XP Pro but that is why i disliked the IBM, it always required a reinstall and i lost all my data continuously but luckily it wasn't too hard or long to install Win98se compared to XP. A problem was for some reason i always had problems getting Win98se to detect my printer, modem and scanner and that really bugged me when a reinstall had to happen.
If you learn something here on my blog, let it be do not delete system files from Windows 98se or your just asking for a reinstall, yep that's why in the past when i first started using Windows i had so many re-installs: trying to save space by deleting Windows, a Mac and Linux user would say your brilliant!! your a genius but if your a Windows users don't use that dam delete key unless you know the file your deleting is an ugly photo of yourself else don't delete it just cause you can.

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