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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Normal people get better Google results?

When your Google-ing something do you ever think how the author of the site would have phrased his or her speech? Getting similar sentences could increase the relevance of your search results and therefore the chances of finding the site you wanted earlier.

This is especially important when trying to find information in forum sites for computing help.

e.g. My files broke when i put Microsoft Office 2000 on my computer

is different to say

e.g. My files got deleted when installing MS office 2000

It is sometimes hard especially when pros use jargon and abbreviations.
The level of depth the language used also has an affect.

e.g. if your too smart and search "complimentary music available for downloading here" opposed to more commonly used terms "free mp3 downloads" your search results can be largely hurt.

My tip would be to use common and simple language but keep in mind that in some cases especially computers, you may need to search for hdd (instead of hard disk), MS (instead of Microsoft) as some people who are more technical like to shorten their posts but it never hurts to try both long and short forms.

That's just my view anyway, so experiment, it may or may not work the same for you.

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