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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Laptops up to 1/2 price with rebates

It is election time tomorrow and one of the parties (not mentioning name) will be giving rebates on laptops and desktops in the form of tax cuts. The purpose is to make sure every child in Australia has a computer to advance their computer skills and to bridge the digital divide.

The way i see it is people already have computers and this will only benefit 2% of the people who probably don't have a computer or working computer at home. If you ass the people who don't have a working computer maybe benefit 8% of the students.

As most people already have computers and change them so often this offer will even further encourage people to trash their older systems for newer ones with less opportunity costs. Most if not all Australian councils do not have a proper computer and electronic waste recycling system install so this will just increase our land fills like if our current speed of throwing away slow computers isn't already fast enough.

I was planning to get a laptop myself soon and this will benefit me a bit but i do not like the thought of computers becoming more expensive (despite the rebate) as we throw away gold and other elements in computers that are not renewable.

Another view is that prices will rise due to the increased demand and willingness to purchase at a higher price.

It is funny now that since i have started my blog i no longer get ideas. I use to get ideas of new technology and then they would become true products in about 9 months after i tell someone, my theory was that someone was following me and selling my ideas, lol. Must be Deja Ju

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