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Friday, November 16, 2007

Hidden contacts of E-mail

I have just too many E-mail addresses and not enough e-mails, why can't all my e-mail go to one account. I have converted many of my contacts to my new e-mail address but still can't close my other e-mail accounts.

It is a simple step to close them, just stop using and logging in for a period of X number of days or click a close account link set up by the e-mail service and not use it for a while.

Unfortunately it is not that simple, there are hidden invisible contracts that force you to stay and keep the e-mail account active. The contact is not enforced by law, as it is not a formal contract.
The way it works is if you want to use one of their services you have open an account with them.
In my case it is:

Hotmail = MSN messanger

Yahoo Mail = Yahoo Groups

So as you can see, i have to log in every now and then to see if i got any e-mail or spam in my accounts just so i can continue to use their other services.

Gmail, for Blogger at least is better as you can choose to subscribe to Gmail and open an account. As long as you have an Google account you can choose what services you want and don't want which frees up much more names available for use in e-mail accounts instead of names being hogged by people who want to use the services and not the e-mail.

It is sometimes a good idea to keep more than one e-mail account in case one gets bombed by SPAM for what ever reason but if you don't or can't be bothered to check all the accounts daily then you might miss an urgent e-mail and make someone wait a long time for a reply.

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