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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Is your e-mail provider compatible with E-mail clients?

I one who is lazy and i like to use e-mail client software such as Outlook 2003, well i did until one day it tried to install a missing feature and couldn't be fixed so instead of trying to trouble shoot it i decided to convert to ThunderBird all together, lucky TB had an import feature so i could just add all my addresses and e-mails from Outlook.

One bad thing with ThunderBird is when you open hyper links it doesn't open at all unless if you install ThunderBrowse which is currently the only problem i have found.

One of the annoying things is many services don't support pop and SMTP services no more, that is, the services needed to grab and send mail from your e-mail client. Hotmail and Yahoo do not support it, Yahoo.com.au or .com.something else will usually work but not .com which is what i have. I don't know what i did but i have registered as Australia twice and i have always only gotten .com and could never get .com.au

Gmail (Google's e-mail service) does provide this feature currently. Others stop this service because when you log in to your account on the Internet you will see adverts on the same screen as your e-mail and this generates revenue for the companies that provide you this service, using TB or Outlook doesn't as the adverts are not sent to you or viewed by you in any way. I have a feeling that Gmail will change in the future but for now if you need to be lazy and need an e-mail account i would say e-mail me or send me a message and i will get you an invitation (currently only invited peoples can join Gmail)

If you already have the other accounts like me (i have Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail) then i could only recommend using a TB plugin called WebMail or install a software called freepops of which both i have not been able to successfully use at this time of posting.

Please note, you have to Google keywords i post such as "thunderbird plugin webmail" because i don't want post the link to actual software or what not unless i feel you can not search for it. This is slightly due to the fact that links can sometimes change or be outdated so it is always better to search for the latest versions of my suggested software to avoid missing features and compatibility issues that may arise.

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