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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Re-use old speakers thanks to standard audio cables

Recently (in this school holidays) i have decided to get a stereo set, and two not very powerful old speaker boxes in the garage which was really only sitting there waiting for me to find a place where i can recycle my technology and electronics at no cost to me, i got a cable (audio cable, one black to one black and one red) that i brought a while back which i intended to use for recording LPs for my dad as he has moved on to digital and didn't want to listen to LPs no more. I found out that my LP recording plan didn't go so well because i didn't have an amplifier that had an output to my computer and the amp only had all inputs so i really couldn't get anything to my computer. So again ~$10 wasted on a cable.

In summary i re-used some old technology and a cable that i brought but didn't use to connect up my old computer (which is now the family computer), the PC is located in a rhombus room so it echos and the original IBM speakers that came with was weak and had bad quality and low volume. So i connected the speakers to the stereo set and connected the stereo set to the output of the computer and now i have loud and clear sound on the family computer which is really good as i just recently discovered online radio as i just recently had broadband.
I am fairly happy with the results because i can re-used the old stuff (I am a green supporter) and it really does a really good job, i can hear my sister listening to her music outside of the house (probably not good for health but it is now louder than my 5.1 surround sound set up in my own computer and it costed me nothing)

Its fairly hot today, i just opened up the cover of my 5.5" bay cover (the piece of plastic that covers up the empty space where a CD or DVD drive can be installed on a PC) i have a spare fan so i am hoping that i can make a big difference in cooling of the computer.s

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