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Monday, November 12, 2007

Sony brand loyalty

I am usually a big fan of Sony products but I am really going to be a selective fan now. Today i was trying to get my Sony DVD+RW disc to work again but still another fail. I've just about given up on them despite the fact that I have only used them for 2 write cycles.

SonicStage, the software used for the Sony Walkman mp3 player is also still mucking up on Win 98se and XP so i think ill just find an alternative freeware.

Sony Cameras are so far the only Sony branded product you can bring within 1 metre of your PC without it screwing something up and my rule is Sony PC products are a no go with the expection of Sony digital cameras and memory products, i wouldn't connect anything Sony product to my computer, not one i actually used anyway, maybe an enemies computer.

I am planning to get a laptop and this Anti-PC theory with Sony is making me look at other brands. Sony electronics such as TV and entertainment goods are fine if not excellent.

Some people are against Sony all together as they had rootkit viruses in their product a while back, you can Google it if you want to know more.

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