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Friday, November 16, 2007

Upgrading to Broadband or changing ISP?

There are many things to check for when changing ISP or upgrading to broadband.

My check list would look something like this:

  • Price
  • Usage cap
  • Hours cap
  • Price of excess downloads
  • Contract length
  • Migration costs (cost of moving to a different ISP)
  • Is uploads counted as downloads
  • download and upload speeds
  • Set up & hardware costs
  • Technical support
  • Ease of cancellation of contract
  • Reliability and reputation of the ISP
Many ISPs try to alternate between the items above to make their ads look good.
for example they may advertise super cheap "Price" and fast "download and upload speeds" but give you a super small "Usage cap" and charge you a "Price of excess downloads" to cover the cheap initial price of the broadband package. So read the find prints carefully.

Promotions such as "whooping super fast broadband at dial up costs" usually have a 200MB usage limit which would mean you'll hit 200Mb super fast with whooping speeds and your wallet will get a whooping slap in the gut.

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