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Monday, November 19, 2007

System Snapshot

This is a great tool if you tweak or edit your system's vital parts (registry etc) or even if you install dodgy software for what ever reason you would do that.

This software allows you to make a system snapshot (with Windows XPs own system restore) at your will with a quick click of the system tray icon. I set mine up to make a snapshot at every start up instead of when Windows decides that something critical is going to be performed. This helps me prevent dodgy installs of game demos etc. saved me last time from Sonys SonicStage which screwed up the computer good. Some installers don't cause Windows to do a sys restore point.

Win XP only

You'll have to Google this one, i forgot where it is from and i can't find a site with screenshots. The program i used was a hand holding a blue video recorder. There are a few different programs with the same name by the looks it.

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