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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

XXL LCD for Photoshop? (con't)

I found out that Photoshop can load much slower if you just place a whole CD worth of Plugins and brushes into the default folder (i.e. Program files/adobe/photoshop/preset/brushes) Instead you can put it in a different location, for me i choose to place it on my data hard drive so i can always have my brushes set the way i like it even when reinstalling Windows or Photoshop, provided i can restore the data disk of data.

A problem with this method is that because the brushes are not in the default folder Photoshop will not load them automatically and you will need to manually load each brush each time you use it which will be very annoying.

My solution, just a good guess really, i moved all the brushes to a different folder and then placed a shortcut to the folder in the default folder and everything loads automatically !!! yay!, I never really measured the loading speeds but if loading them at start up will even out the loading time advantage, but you still benefit from the back up and reinstall advantages.

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