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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Troubleshooting on the net

I really hate it when you go online and can't find the solution to a computer problem you have but you get a heap of results on the problem but just people describing the problem, no solutions.

I can't really remember all my error messages and solutions so i can't do a really good recount but if it ever come across one I'll post it for this frustration of troubleshooting online isn't long lived ;)

  • Win98se OS crashes or deaths = me deleting system files in system folder, the solution, don't delete anything from system folder, in fact, just right click, properties, hidden to hide the dam folder so you never screw up something. Then tools, folder options, view, show hidden folders to access the folder if you need to tweak something.
  • Cold boot on computer, one long and two short beeps, finally cracked and just didn't boot not even when it was warm boot. The solutions, replace psu. You have to find out my specs. first before you can find out if your mobo, computer etc. is using the same signals as error alerts.

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