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Monday, November 12, 2007

Impulse to kill files?

Interesting title, i know.
Do you ever suffer from searching your computer and going "crap, crap, carp, rubbish, useless, space waster etc. etc.", finding random files you really don't want and sending them to the recycle bin, then to find no, i need that file, dam it, and then trying to spend hours on the net finding a recovery software?

Well, you could try this freeware, not!, why don't you just prevent this impulse!

I actually suffer from this too, i was obsessed to empty the recycle bin as soon as the icon changed from empty to having something in it.

A. I moved the recycle bin to under my documents instead of the bottom right corner which was its default position. This increased the view of it, so if you did that too, place it back in the corner.

B. Use a a recycle bin instead of a trash bin (what I am trying to say is set your bin so it just holds the files until you empty it instead of deleting it as soon as click delete) this will also prevent accidental deletions. To do this:

*Open up the recycle bin > Right click > Properties > Make sure "Do not move files to Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when deleted" is unchecked. This should be the default i think, if you can see files you deleted in the recycle bin then this is obviously off.

C. Use of "Pre-Delete" folder, make a folder on the desktop and call it what ever you like, then when ever you have an urge to delete something throw it in there instead and if you decide that you really don't need it you can send it to the recycle bin. This is especially useful when deleting program or system files because moving it to a different location will show you if the program can run properly without that file.

D. Only have the recycle bin in the quick launch bar, less vision and smaller icon will make you only empty the bin when you need more space or when your not busy and have time to realise that there are a lot of files in your bin. To do so:

* Go the desktop > Drag recycle bin into taskbar until you see a black line divider and then drop. This will place the recycle bin in your taskbar, i think it might already be in there in some default set outs by Windows. If it is already there precede to the next step.

* This step removes the recycle bin from the desktop. There should be other ways to do it but i did it the easy way and downloaded TweakUI (read next post for download info) and then went to the desktop item and unchecked recycle bin.

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