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Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Vodafone is a telecommunication company.

I just got a SIM card today, yes, 18 years old and finally decided to purchase a SIM card, my friends probably won't believe this for a while. They always knew that the only way to contact me was on my 24 hour hotline otherwise known as E-mail and MSN as I am always in front of the computer.

I had a phone before but let the SIM card go out of service as i didn't top up with credit for ages, I felt it was a financial burden, yes $30 for 6 months is a financial burden for me, I am a student!

Because I am planning to travel a little probably for I might be getting a licence soon (fingers crossed) I figured better get some form of phone to call for help at least if I get lost of have car problems. I liked Vodafone because my sister has it and can use a 365 day plan which means $30 for 356 days which means my financial burden has halved, woo hoo! I don't know how long this will last though, if too many people use this Vodafone may decrease the time in order to stimulate more top ups.

As a tech savvy person i really liked Vodafone's activation process, i got to talk to a robotic computer (who had a female voice rather than stupid MS text to word style tone) and it was really cool to see how precise the system was a "yes" was always detected and never interpreted as a no, that's the best voice recognition software i have ever experienced (have you ever tried to use the mic for MS word to speak type an essay? you might as well be drunk and type an essay) Things like phone number, birth dates were precisely detected. What i still reckon is that it may be recorded and real person listens to the voice recording and adds it to a database.
A problem i found was when reading a number i read ahead and read the 4 5 instead of 54, so i don't know why they accepted it anyway, probably a flaw soon to be exploited.

I tried to activate my SIM over the Internet like they first suggested on the packaging but when i completed the process it just returned to the home page with no answer, i tried to do the whole form again but it wouldn't even load this time so i just assumed it was activated and tried to call some friends and then it told me i wasn't activated and i was being directed to Laura (the computer) and she did the job.

Activation via web, crap and waste of time
Activation over phone with Laura, excellent except that I felt confused about how to correct my 45 54 error.

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