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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Explorer Lags or delays

Today i set a full virus scan on and left my computer, i came back and it was still going so i paused it and then opened some applications, too many apparently as my computer just went into big time lag period which never fixed itself.

The solution, download ProcessExplorer from www.systeminternals.com. This little application allows you to see how much CPU each process is using and it showed that Explorer was using 94%+ so the only way to fix this is the either close many applications (which i did with no result) or right click on explorer (you can also try this with other processes) and click restart. This will kill explorer so make sure you save all important work first. Sometimes explorer will refresh and most except open folders will usually show up again with your work untouched but there is a good chance that it won't and you will only have the wallpaper and maybe one or two applications left open. This means you can't really use windows anyway so you might as well of restarted yes? no! if you have a Microsoft keyboard or other keyboard with the Windows key or My Documents (My Music, My Pictures etc.) press one of those buttons to launch an application or folder and this will most of the time bring back explorer for you to continue using your computer.

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