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Friday, November 16, 2007

Avast Anti-Virus

Norton had a problem one random day when i started up Windows and asked me to uninstall and reinstall it.

So i did, I hit uninstall and restarted the computer, after that i hit firefox and went online to download Avast Anti Virus.

Strong Points:

  • On first boot up scan it picked up 4 viruses that Norton didn't and the files had been there for ages but luckily i have not had the time to open the files.
  • Norton's Live Update had always had problems i i never once got a rapid update since first installing it, my definition downloads were 16-18Mb each week. Avast AV did an auto update at every start up and with files less than 100KB, sometimes less than 10KB depending on how often it updated.
  • Freeware! the personal addition costs nothing but you do need to register to help their marketing for commercial users (i think).
  • A amazing and unique feature is their Avast screensaver scan, when your screensaver is on it can do AV scans whilst your not using the computer!
Weaker Points:

  • Interface is a bit confusing and certain options can only be access in one way. Norton had everything on one page and was laid out nicely. Avast gives you lots of options which might be confusing if your not a new user.

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