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Monday, November 19, 2007

Digital Camera check list

My check list for pre-purchase of a digital camera.


  • Digital or optical zoom (optical is physical move zoom, digital is photoshop enlarge image style)
  • CCD size or resolution of photos (4 mega pixels is minimum, 7 is good for serious photos)
  • Lens (camera brand lens or dedicated lens from famous lens makers)
  • Physical size (make sure it can fit in your pocket, you'll want to do that later on)
  • Memory size (how much internal and slots for expandable memory, all modern cameras have slots)
  • LCD size (find to suit your personal needs)
  • Battery life (you'll want to find out how long your camera can last on a full charge, you may even want to find out how much extra batteries cost if you go on holidays a lot or if you do a lot of photos away from home.


Things you will have to go online and read reviews to find out

  • Image quality and clarity

  • Problems or bugs in camera or software
  • Price comparison
  • General product review (usually identifies some weak spots of the camera and some competitive features but you have to decide how important or creditable the reviews are)

and I think that's about it

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