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Monday, December 3, 2007

Hide it to System Tray

Have you ever had windows minimised that you wished you could make disappear and only reappear when you need it? Things like Ad-aware checks, Defrags, and Anti-Virus scans?
Some software that allows you to do that puts an extra minimise to sys tray button on all windows which is annoying as it is not every second window that you need to minimise to tray.

Hide It is different it places a system tray icon that allows you to choose what things to hide and what to show so you don't end up cluttering you sys tray, all hidden windows are inside the Hide It icon. I especially like this because i don't have to launch Hide It everything at start up, I can simple place a quick launch short cut and click it when i decide I want to hide something.

A problem with this application though is that if the program crashes or you force close it, it will make your hidden windows impossible to maximise again until you restart the program which sometimes requires you to kill the process and then open it again which is a contradiction if your using it for a Spyware scan and need to click a Fix Problems button before scan results will be fixed.

Author Home page: http://www.expocenter.com/hideit/

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