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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

BIOS update problem

for google purposes:

  • My uguru clock shows wrong temp after BIOS upgrade flash
  • A-bit CPU temp is wrong after BIOS upgrade flash
  • CPU temp is below room temp
Anyway, remember when i said i updated my BIOS and didn't see any problems? well now i did. The CPU monitoring system was screwed up and showed me anywhere from 6c to 22c when the room temp was 29c I thought wow i have cooling that is better than water cooling as water can only bring the CPU back down around room temp mine is almost freezing point so i thought something must be wrong it isn't physically possible.

A good thing about this BIOS fix was that my Cool and Quiet technology is actually working, this is basically CPU throttling which means less electricity is pumped through the CPU and the CPU is ran at a slower pace when your not using much processing, this means less resistance which means cooler temp which means fans need to spin less per minute which means quieter fans.

Anyway so i went into control panel and had a look at system and had a look at the freq. of my CPU and indeed it was working and was automated which really rocked and i was sometimes using less than half of my processors capacity so i though this would and is very cool (literally) but not 6c cool.

I sent an e-mail to A-bit, my motherboard maker and they replied that sometimes BIOS updates can miss some CPUs and this can happen and that i should remove and return the CMOS battery and jumper and CPU, never having removing my CPU i did not want to do that in case i need more thermal paste which i don't have ATM. So i decided maybe just clearing the CMOS will do and then when i took my jumper out i thought to myself i wonder if there is a top and bottom to the jumper but then i doubted it as i shouldn't have been able to plug in the jumper if it was upside down and i had a look and i realised that yes it is different.

|_|_| this was what i had my jumper in originally. (by the way when i say jumper I am actually referring to the plastic coated removable tab)

I then turned it upside down and re-plugged it in |-|-| (the lines in the middle are meant to be at top but no buttons on the keyboard seems to give me that)

I didn't actually move the jumper into the clear CMOS position i simply just unplugged and re-plugged it in and when i turned on my computer the CMOS clock was reset and i had a look at the CPU temp and it was FIXED, yay!

My theory is that according to my Physics knowledge it shouldn't of mattered which way i had the jumpers cause the electricity still goes through the metal bits and joins the connection. My view is that clearing the CMOS twice should solve the problem but i am not too sure. I tried to google this problem many times but with no one having this problem. Maybe i simply didn't clear the CMOS right anyway i just decided to post this in case if anyone tries to google the same problem that way they can solve this little hiccup faster than i did, hopefully.

My CPU now reads ~31c when Cool and Quiet is working, I am going to do some video processing to see how efficient my cooling is when a full load is placed on the CPU.

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