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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Problem with rats (mouse to be more specific)

I was having some work done around that house that required the power to be turned off for safety reasons and for that reason i turned off my computer with a proper shut down.

Despite doing things correctly I had a cold boot, due to the fact that the power was completely turned off to my computer (ie no stand-by power) for some reason Windows would not boot, I gave it some time to warm up and then tried again and still same problem so I went into the BIOS and changed to fail-safe options and last good Windows settings and set things straight but when trying to use Windows after a successful engine start I hit a problem and that was the mouse didn't work at least i thought that at first, I tried the mouse on a different PC and it was detected so it wasn't a hardware problem and I tried a different USB port on my computer and nothing happened so it wasn't that specific ports problem.

My sister then asked me to print her assignment on my computer (as I am the only one with a printer in the network) she handed over her USB thumb drive and I turned on the printer and nothing, nothing was being mounted by Windows and then i realised it wasn't a mouse problem but a USB problem for some reason all my ports had been disabled.

Then it hit me, the fail-safe settings must have disabled the mouse for troubleshooting reasons and all USB were disabled to reduce the number of peripherals connected to cancel out troubleshooting tasks. I went back into the BIOS to load optimised settings defaults instead but this did not fix the problem mainly cause i was careless, by default it says are you sure you want to load optimised defaults (Y/N)? and N is selected as the default answer but i did not read it first and pressed enter and saved the changes and that is why it didn't work but then after a while of stress i thought maybe i could have done that and yep that's the stupid mistake i made. So keep that in mind if you ever need to load fail-safe defaults in any scenarios.

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