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Monday, July 27, 2009

Using MS Excel as a things to do calendar

I just thought of a good application/program/software to use to help me manage my University assignment due dates etc. and my personal things to do list.

Microsoft Excel has a sort function which is all you really need to help sort the dates of things you need to do from closest to furthermost. Excel sorts the dates into date format and data type so it makes adding things to due at the bottom of the list as you think of them efficient.

Say for example you remember that you need to do something about half way in between your things to do list you can add it at the bottom of the list and then go up to the date column and right-click and choose sort ascending and volla, you have sorted all you things to do by date again without needing manual labour to figure out where in the list you should add your new to-do item.

Here is a sample of what i have in my current list that you can copy and use, the tile headings can give you added benefits.

Date due | Subject | Task | Notes | Importance

1/2/2009 ISIT100 Project log PDF version due 1
2/2/2009 ISIT100 Project log Soft copy to tutor 1
4/2/2009 - Buy milk 3

As you can see in my example there are many headings/title you can experiment with like Importance title to sort and filter out the most important and urgent tasks at the top of the list.

Submit your ideas for the use of a title/sorting system, whether its Uni related or not as a comment below.


  • Using the books at the bottom of the screen also known as "sheet1", "sheet2", "sheet3" can you divide your things from Uni, Work, Personal, On-going, Once-Off and save it all into one Excel file so its kinda like having a things-to-do application, with all your different lists inside one icon. Great! :P

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