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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Do I need a wifi in my mobile phone?

I am looking at a phone that has every feature in today's mobile market possible with the exclusion of: Wifi, accelerometer (for auto screen layout and misc uses), 5MP instead of 8MP camera and possibly a projector (Only 1 or a few manufacturers at the moment)

So the question is the phone i am looking at is priced at the same level as a 3mp camera with nothing else meaning it has GPS , large memory, 5mp camera instead of 3mp as bonus for the similar price.

Only critical feature missing is a wifi and accelerometer for luxury.

Do you need wifi, if it meant not having it can save you $500? Here are the benefits:

  • Instead of being charged a high price for 3G Internet access you can have it for free, where hot-spots are free just like laptops can.
  • Use of MSN for free
  • Use of MSN's voip and video call can mean you don't get charged for services from your phone operator but still have the functions of your 3G phone.
  • Surf the net whilst being bored
  • Download games and other applications like a miniaturised laptop
  • Wifi hot-spots are becoming more common and also free in public places
  • Operators charge high fees for Internet usage over their mobile network

Here are some cons though:

  • Batteries in most feature filled phones won't last long, it operates like a laptop and hence only has a battery life of one, surfing and voip-ing on MSN will only give you a few hours of battery life
  • Surfing the Internet on a mobile phone is bad ergonomics for hand, eyes and neck and wrist
  • You need friends who have MSN on all the time to be able to substitute a call or SMS
  • You can get mobile Internet data allowance on capped plans so you can use Internet over mobile network without surprising fees which might dependent on usage be cheaper than forking out another $500 for a phone that has wifi.

My verdict, unless its critical you get Internet access all the time it might be worth putting that $500 towards a laptop or towards your next mobile phone which should be cheap and have wifi and most likely some other feature not yet invented.

Revealing of the phone i have in mind will take place if i get it, so not to jinx it, LOL.

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  1. Thank you - your information clarified lots for me