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Friday, July 17, 2009

REVIEW: Dynamo solar-powered & wind-up torch

Just brought this on OO.com.au as well for $20 which i thought was good value as for $20 i can get a wind-up torch only at the local hardware store. This is my first LED torch and i am impressed.


  • LED bulb
  • BOTH Solar and wind-up powered
  • Durable and water proof
  • Has a cool bluish ting to it
  • Has 1 or 3 LED mode so you can adjust brightness and power consumption
  • Also has a flashing mode for biking at night or emergencies? not too such of designed usage but is defiantly useful to have.
  • Having a back up recharge soruce is excellent for emergencies, if you accidentally snap the wind-up handle at least you can still recharge it during the day, also good for camping etc.
  • There is a centre focal point in brightness where the centre is brighter than the rest of the light, (like traditional torches but you don't notice them as much in trad. torches because its not as bright.
  • for $20 it is well worth it for the functions provided and is worth spending if you just chuck it in the glove box of the car and never use it, cheaper than any insurance company premium I've seen.
  • Worth it still even for the kids to just play around with it
  • Amazed at the LED technology
  • Just have to see if the warranty or durability lasts out

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