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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nokia 6220

Here is a fix to battery problem for Nokia 6220. How to fix short battery life problem for Nokia 6220. Way to extend Nokia 6220 battery life?

^ that's the type of queries I was searching for in google when I read reviews on the Nokia 6220.

Don't rely on me to do a review on the Nokia 6220, its easy to find ones that really detail all its nice little presents, Try YouTube even, its got a few good ones. also search it up in GSMArena.

So why am I writing up a review if i am not going to review the phone? Well I am but what I am going to do is just clarify all the scary stories about the Nokia 6220 in review sites all over the Internet.

Here are the bad things/Myths people have said about the phone:

So.. Lets do some "MythBusting" on some people's scary reviews. I was scared for one so lets see if I can save people from missing out on a decent phone?

  1. The keys are cheap plastic and feels like a toy

    I don't think I would have minded the keys too much without reading reviews and noticing them on purpose but it is not as extreme as some people say, saying that the keys feel like it will break off BUT it is in fact a big harder to use than phones with separate keys or keys with a gap in between but I guess it is possible to get use to it but I can see how unlocking the keypad can be difficult at times due to closeness of keys. If you don't have big fingers i don't think it will be a problem at all.

  2. The battery life lasts only 12 day or 3 days if your really lucky

    Well I got ti today and played through all the menus and all the apps and camera etc. and its still on full bars, also played games for like 30 minutes and also checked the time like constantly. So this does disprove the reviews about it lasting 1 day only and needing nightly recharges. My theory is they either have new firmware that corrected a battery leak somewhere OR those people who heavy 3G users like sit there hours in park using Internet on phone but for the people who said they made a few 5 minute calls and a few SMSs and the phone died i think they might have a different batch of phones (so not to call them a liar)

    It has lasted exactly 3 days for me from morning till night but for me because my phone is new I've been adjusting the settings and personalising it like crazy, also used the blue tooth for hours sending stuff to myself, palyed games for hours, sent multiple sms and also made a few minute calls, not to mention mp3 etc. so putting that into relativity I would say if i used it the same ammount of time for the same purpose as my old nokia 2100 I would most likely get almost a week. P.S. I was also experimenting withthe GPs within those 3 days.

  3. It doesn't have a 3.5mm headphone jack
    Nope, but a 2.5mm headphone is supplied but i rarely use it as an MP3 player so i guess its not a major issue.

  4. Camera actually sucks despite being an awesome 5mp camera with Xenon flash?

    Xenon flash is brilliant and very bright making any dark room photography excellent.
    The most impressive thing especially for this price is the modes in the camera as most phone cameras have a night mode and that's about it but the 6220 has a range of photography modes like night mode for dark environments, sports mode for fast shutter speed without blur, close up mode for clearer macro shots and the list goes on for a little bit more.
    A true dream phone for the minor photographers especially due to the shutter speed, I managed to get an ok shot in the car whilst it was moving, even my old digital camera had blur when shooting something moving at all, but thanks the Nokia's anti-shake, stabilisation, fast shutter and focus speed it produces a happy result.

    Remember to put it into sports mode first for best quick shot results.

  5. Sound quality is not too good

    Its alright for calls and music playback, quite clear and somewhat loud but calling isn't as loud as my old Nokia 2100 (black and white phone, lol), and yes i do know you can change the volume but yeah I usually hold the phone far from my ear because my old 2100 was too loud :\ so no problems again i guess unless you have hearing difficulties and need a very loud phone but this phone even on speakerphone isn't the loudest phone I've heard.

  6. The phone is slow at processing

    The phone is a tad slow compared to my old 2100 but I mean putting it into relativity, you are loading up features that are MBs in size. For that I am impressed, longest thing would be taking a photo, it takes a few seconds to process before next photo can be taken but its acceptable level unless your a rapid and advanced photographer in which case i have to question why you don't have a 10MP SLR camera with custom lens....?

  7. Any of your own questions or reviews(or myths) you want me to iron out?

  • Summary - If you don't mind the following above you should have yourself one high tech mobile phone at a affordable price.
Remember fellow Australians, This phone is now $229 at Vodafone shop and DSE to my knowledge, with locking to Vodafone though. That's a good buy (to my current knowledge until the phone shows its real colours) Search up specs. because for $229 it really is a big difference to what you can get for around $200 marked phones

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