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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Samsung G800 Black Screen

I brought one of these and set it all up, charged battery, turned it on and hmmmm the LCD screen back light is on so the LCD is somehow working just that there is no pictures, there's sound and all.

My analysis says its a connection from the video card or whatever it is to the LCD screen cause the back light works but no colours are displayed.

Calling tech. support asap but seriously if its a lemon out of the box then the brand and quality control is so so. What gets me more is that Nokia's made in China are better than my Korean-build. Wahh?

EDIT: Returned it Tech. Support said not to bother as it was brought so recently, so now i don't have a chance to review a Samsung phone on this blog for yous. Looking at some Sony Ericsson though.

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