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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

nVidia 6600GT Can not use DVI

I have had this problem for ages, where only the VGA will work on my 6600GT and LCD monitor. When i plug in the DVI cable I get a "no signal" message or the screen goes into standby mode.

Solution: For Windows XP just go

  • Start > Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager (Should be the same in vista)
  • Find and click nVidia 6600Gt from the list, should be under the "display adapters"
  • Drivers tab > Update driver
  • Give it a while and it should be fine (for windows XP)
If it doesn't then you have to go to google or try:

Got my DVI up and working and tried on a new 18.5" LCD monitor and like wow at the vibrancy, contrast, colour and size.

EDIT: I talked about problem and solution forgot to mention cause of problem, lol. Well the problem is just that your driver is too old to recognise or use DVI in the correct format and or resolution well to my quick research and memory I think that's what happened.

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