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Sunday, March 22, 2009

MS Word Single horizontal page

How do i have a horizontal page with other being vertical?
How do i have a vertical page with other being horizontal?

If I have guessed correctly your wanting to add a diagram in a word doc or some writing to a diagram document hence the different page set outs.

Check out this: (The Phlebob from Yahoo! Answers)

prior to Word 2007
1. Select the text you want in Landscape orientation. (Skip this if you want the entire file put into Landscape orientation.)
2. Click the File->Page Setup menu item.
3. Click the Landscape orientation box.
4. In the Apply To list box, select Selected Text or, if you want the entire document, select Whole Document.
5. Click OK.

In Word 2007:
1. Select the text you want in Landscape orientation.
2. Click the Page Layout tab on the Ribbon.
3. If you want the entire document switched to Landscape orientation, click Orientation in the Page Setup group.
4. If you want only the selected text switched to Landscape orientation, click the arrow in the lower right corner of the Page Setup group and continue with step 3, above.


for me it didn't work, doing that made ALL my pages turn into horizontal or vertical so here is my stab as it.

1. Select page you want to be Horizontal or Vertical (differnt to rest)
2. File > Page Setup >(Portrait or Landscape)
3. Apply to: [This point forward]

4. Go to page where normal orientation begins
5. File > Page Setup >(Set back to normal)
6. Apply to: [This point forward]

Using the above logic should get you to create a part of the word doc that has the orientation settings applied. I was editing a already written document (hence had many pages after the one I wanted horizontal so maybe that's why the Yahoo! Answers method didn't work for me)



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  2. Random thought.... BUT you could always just click the graph/image and then use the draw tools:

    Draw > Rotate or Flip > Rotate XXX 90 degrees.

    But this does not cover you completely. E.g. the headers and footers if any will be in the other orientation.